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Aesthetics is the philosophical study of beauty: line, color, form, texture, composition.  The Aesthetician brings philosophy to life in a clinical science that promotes health…. of the skin, to be sure, but also of the whole person. 

Aesthetician Rita Page’s mission is to provide premium skin care formulations for individuals who have sensitive skin using state-of-the-art anti-aging cosmetic ingredients, certifiied organic botanicals and antioxidants, and natural oils to help people who battle acne, scars, sun damage, sensitivity, and aging skin conditions.

As a practicing skin care therapist and educator for over 35 years, Rita has specialized in providing skin treatments and products for clients who experience sensitive skin conditions. Numerous clients and beauty therapists with sensitive skin have expressed that they are wanting organic skin care products or vegan beauty products that deliver results but are formulated without the common and potential skin irritants such as essential oils, fragrances, or high percentages of surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate. Although essential oils have many therapeutic properties, there are many individuals who cannot use skin care products that are formulated with essential oils. We provide many formulations without essential oils and/or fragrances for those individuals.

Many vegan beauty products will state that the product is not tested on animals( cruelty free), although they are using animal-derived ingredients such as bees wax, honey, silk powder, royal jelly, or collagen(marine or bovine), lanolin, goat milk, allantoin(uric acid from urea), or emu oil, which should not be included in the vegan formulation. The word "natural" on a vegan skin care product label does not guarantee that it is free of animal ingredients. We formulate our vegan skin care without synthetic fragrances and animal-derived ingredients. 

With her extensive education and experience in the field of cosmetic chemistry and oncology esthetics, Rita has used her knowledge to formulate an unique line of sensitive skin care products, with its emphasis on formulating for sensitive, red, fragile, reactive, skin conditions. Products are available without fragrance, essential oils, parabens, phenoxyethanol and other common skin irritants. Skincare products are formulated in small batches for maximum freshness including proper packaging to maintain ingredient effectiveness.  Her formulations have been used successfully by clients worldwide. 

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