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About Rita Page, Primera Labs Formulator


Rita Page, Master Aesthetician, CIDESCO Diplomat, Laser Specialist, Cosmetic Science Formulator, and Cosmetologist, brings a varied and impressive background that spans more than 34 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree  in Chemistry and Textiles from the University of Arizona, and is a recipient of the International CIDESCO Diploma. 

The CIDESCO designation is conferred by the Comite International d’ Estetique et de Cosmetologie in Zurich, Switzerland, and it is the most prestigious aesthetic credential in the world. 

She is a graduate of the Linda Seidel Institute for Corrective Makeup in Baltimore, Maryland; Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics, Inc. of New York City; the Dr. Vodder School-North America in Victoria, B.C.; The Swiss Skin Care Certification Program of Bellevue, Washington; and the Cosmetology School of Vancouver, B.C. Rita has completed Medical Laser preceptorships with Lumenis, and Syneron Medical.

Rita created and operated the Paramedical Clinic, where physicians referred patients for corrective makeup to alleviate the effects of post-surgical conditions, deformities, and burns.  She has been a Beauty Therapist and educator at the world-class, luxurious Golden Door Spa and Cal-a-Vie Health Spa whereby she worked with a celebrity clientele. 

Her makeup skills were perfected at the M.G. Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts in California, and Maurice Stein, Los Angeles, considered to be the most advanced training in the country. 

She is the founder and inventor/product developer of  LED Photorejuvenation technology, which is one of the only woman-owned USA manufacturers of  LED Light Therapy technology.

With her education and experience in the field of cosmetic chemistry, Rita has used her knowledge to formulate an unique line of skincare products, with its emphasis on formulating for sensitive, red, fragile, reactive, skin conditions. Products are available without fragrance, essential oils, parabens,phenoxyethanol and other common skin irritants. Her formulations have been used successfully by clients worldwide.

She has perfected her skills by consulting and working for leading Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists as a Plastic Surgical Skincare Specialist and Dermatology Skincare Specialist.  Rita has been interviewed for books, articles, and television programs, including being an accomplished expert in her field providing award-winning educational videos for aesthetic professionals world-wide.


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